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April 4th, 2012


es ist eine echte rückkehr der vogelgrippe – rückkehr in die top-listings bei amazon, als #1-bestseller kindle kostenlos, und damit rückkehr in die zone der aufmerksamkeit. this tells me that you guys read that stuff, or at least let your machines save the data, and that makes me happy.

February 6th, 2012

commercial is fun

I do the writing just for fun. It’s the joy of fabulating, making things up, following the thrill of a developing narrative, and following the characters on their ways through trouble, joy, freedom and doom.

But then, it’s also fun to play with the publishing instruments and it’s interesting to kind of follow the circulation of my work. Until now, about 150 copies of the Virus-Thriller have been sold. And I have written a little script in order to produce a beautiful graphic representation of this. The line is like drama – ups and downs, steep falls into the abyss, and afterwards the climbing to heights never reached before. Just like trying to make sense of the noise and to filter this story out of the babbling of the market, and produce this thin red line, growing on and on over the dotted net of numbers, transforming the silent whispers of my readers reading the book into that visible trace. Yes, let’s keep in contact.

look at the graph

Right now, I am working on my next piece of text which should be online in about two months. Please register for review-copies! – which will be sent out shortly before the public appearance of the book.